Update Preview

The next update to V1.0.72

! Warning: Can’t load savegames from older versions
* fix: savegames with random unit availability broken
* fix: serious crash bug on startup
* fix: menu scaling on some devices
* fix: increased unit target search range, was too short
+ iOS version release
+ show player OS version in lobby and waiting room
+ ‘send bug report’ button to send logfiles (credits menu)
+ show difficulty setting in load game screen
+ ingame team chat (toggle with long touch on chat icon)
+ automatic weekly achievement awarding
# shields get damaged from absorbed hits, have to charge
# supporter version shows no ad screen and proper label
# direct links to market place websites for purchase
# removed splitscreen unit setting and added game type
# upgraded to Cricket Audio 1.6.1
# lite version map data files now part of apk

The last update (from 11/06/2015) to V1.0.71

moved from beta to release

split the game in lite and full version
-> lite: 4 maps included
-> full: all maps, campaign

closed beta testers and people who purchased any map
during beta have all content free with the lite version

* fix: hq sector flag has normal capture time in campaign

The last update (from 10/31/2015) to V0.9.70

* fix: crash in non-resource multiplayer games
* fix: oos in non-resource multiplayer games
* fix: crash when using percent sign in chat
# balancing: hq sector flag takes longer to capture (4x)
# balancing: ai resource gather brain assignment

The last update (from 10/24/2015) to V0.9.69

! Warning: Can’t load savegames from older versions
* fix: don’t put onyxite into bases
* fix: crash on startup on many pre-kitkat devices
* fix: menu did hide ingame buttons
* fix: immersive mode properly working
+ replenish onyxite when only a little is left
+ new turret equipment: radar turret
# onyxite balancing (more resources, faster harvesting)
# ai harvester control improved

The last update (from 10/19/2015) to V0.9.68

! Warning: Can’t load savegames from older versions
* fix: server list too wide
* fix: team share mode: auto call brains bugged
* fix: mining mayhem p1 large factory turret unreachable
* fix: tutorial make group marker pointed to chat
* fix: aggressive acid shield gen missing
* fix: minor savegame issue
+ download all updated/new content at once
+ add immersive mode (hide android os menu bar)
+ resource based gametype (req.brain+resources to build)
+ harvester unit for resource gametype
+ refinery building for resource gametype
+ new actions (dropoff resources, collect resources)
+ show resources on minimap
# operation outback balancing
# all maps updated to add refinery buildings

The last update (from 09/18/2015) to V0.9.67

* fix: no player status in lobby list
* fix: rocket tank base gfx glitch

+ show 3d unit models in production menu
+ new game type: shared teams (control all team stuff)
+ new map: aggressive acid
# vast volcano balancing

The last update (from 09/14/2015) to V0.9.66

* fix: ingame chat shows debug runtime
* fix: oos due to invalid nav path
+ show session chat history when entering lobby
+ new achievements: ‘That was my week’ & ‘My clan rules’
# new background musik snippets
# don’t allow set rally point into fow or off map
# don’t allow set spec op into fow or off map

The last update (from 09/10/2015) to V0.9.65

* fix: OOS after waiting for cmds
* fix: show only servers with same version in list
* fix: chat sometimes did not dissapear
+ option to toggle compass visibility
+ show player rank in server waiting room
+ show weekly ranked top10 in the menu

The last update (from 09/02/2015) to V0.9.64

! Warning: Can’t load savegames from older versions
* crash on loading a game saved while mines were dropped

* fix: mining mayhem player 1 science lab path finding
* fix: vast volcano instant out of sync
* fix: green garden p2 base turret inaccessible
* fix: shallow sands p2 turret inaccessible
+ global lobby chat with all players
+ offline mode (option menu)
+ disable global lobby chat (option menu)
+ ‘no lobby connection’ notification icon
+ player status broadcasting
# complete change of lobby network code
# balancing: reduce sniper range (120m -> 80m)
# more group buttons
# changed green garden player 2 hq base layout

The last update (from 08/07/2015) to V0.9.63

Urgent fix: Today’s update 0.9.62 had debug overlay enabled…

The last update (from 08/07/2015) to V0.9.62

! Warning: Can’t load savegames from older versions
* fix: crash on oos report upload

* fix: oos on servers with ai when player joins
* fix: crash on ranked stats submission
* fix: wrong map icon for unit drop
* fix: drop ship and bomber not visible on minimap
* fix: minor campaign text changes
* fix: graphic glitches in campaign mission 4
* fix: drop disconnected player fails on local server
* fix: player 2 replaced by ai on leaving public server
* fix: serverlist not visible on low res devices
* fix: campaign c2e2: disable capture for ai ally
* fix: minimap did not work after app switching
+ clan list with players and stats on website

+ player info in profile ranked games on website
+ add attachments to forum posts
+ drop players not responding after 30 seconds
+ record game on official servers (no playback yet..)
# faster ranked stats update interval on website

The last update (from 07/27/2015) to V0.9.61

! Warning: Can’t load savegames from older versions
* fix: could not return from direct ip list

* fix: don’t autosave lost/won games
* fix: blocked players not synced with server
* fix: master server crash due to broken pipe
* fix: oos with auto levelup and high levels

* fix: sometimes wrong game result reported
+ store map purchase info on server
+ ai players on unranked public servers
+ ai does unit drops and mine drops
+ only unique accounts allowed on official servers
+ oos games marked on website ranking
# make waiting room chat text color readable
# updated waiting room chat text (size + scrolling)
# balancing: tech research time +

The last update (from 07/23/2015) to V0.9.60

* fix: bug in ranked score submission
* fix: one more oos reason..
+ more out of sync log data (might affect performance)
# balancing: emp tank armor +
# balancing: emp tank health +
# balancing: shield tank armor ++
# balancing: tech research time ++

The last update (from 07/21/2015) to V0.9.59

! Warning: Can’t load savegames from older versions
* fix: one reason for oos after waiting for commands
* fix: submit ranked score in case of oos
+ improved out of sync reporting to master server

The last update (from 07/13/2015) to V0.9.58

! Warning: Can’t load savegames from older versions
* fix: menu not displayed after installing updates
* fix: icy island player 1 science fac. path finding
* fix: vast volcano science facilities path finding
* fix: savegames with scripts (e.g. campaign) crashed
* fix: players >1 always reported as lost
* fix: master server crash
+ flags are blocked for 10 seconds after owner changed
+ show player profiles on website (links in top100 list)
+ confirm surrender (don’t surrender by accident)
+ automatic out of sync reporting to master server
# added .nomedia to hide textures in android gallery
# disabled achievements for playing tutorial
# balanced bomb suite damage over range (sine curve)
# improved master server response time

The last update (from 06/30/2015) to V0.9.57

! Warning: Can’t load savegames from older versions
* fix: op outback research not usable for p2
* fix: load/save did not use correct slot
* fix: last update broke game start on some devices
* fix: removed sync info text because it broke startup
* fix: oos reporting crash – please submit oos reports!
* fix: oos due to robobrain damage type (none) init
* fix: oos if ai has bonus xp due to difficulty
* fix: ai bonus xp not affected by commander
* fix: oos: ki player gen research cmds on all devices
* fix: oos due to invalid science lab final techs
# faster startup (streamlined master server access)
# brains with cloak suit can now capture neutral sectors

The last update (from 05/17/2015) to V0.9.56

! Warning: Can’t load savegames from older versions
! Warning: Huge update, might have introduced some bugs
* fix: public server list reload
* fix: multiplayer game end score not submitted
* fix: change accountname did not work properly
* fix: >2 player multiplayer and player left -> continue game
* fix: 2 player multiplayer and disconnect -> end game properly
* fix: hacker suit shown as cloak suit on minimap
* fix: proper timeout for left players on dedicated server
* fix: EMP tank did not affect units properly
* fix: crash on multiplayer game end
* fix: landmines looked broken when zoomed out
+ added lobby
+ public/private lobby chat
+ add/remove friends, friends list
+ blocked players list
+ ranked servers (official ones)
+ ranked stats, ranked clan/player top 10
+ public / private profile
+ set name for custom servers
+ toggle ranked/unranked servers in list
+ show player score and ping in waiting room
+ track player online status
+ show player online status in lobby
+ public server list on website
+ ranked games history on website
+ online player list on website
+ save campaign progress on server and synchronize
+ waiting for cmd and reconnect player info
+ show proper map download and extract progress
+ show info when contacting master server
+ multiprofile data syncing (e.g. nick, clan name)
+ android notify when another player joins the lobby
# removed public chat menu
# server and chat lists with smooth scrolling
# server / map name shown in pub server list
# multiplayer and player goes to menu -> keep game running
# lowered default difficulty level by one
# autosave now extra slot, doesn’t overwrite savegame #1
# changed menu touch behaviour (more like os now)
# repair tank healing rate affected by damage bonus

The last update (from 04/22/2015) to V0.9.55

! Warning: Can’t load savegames from older versions
* fix: loading savegames required installed campaign
* fix: german umlauts did not work, text broken
* fix: crash in statistics menu
* fix: cloaked units visible on minimap
* fix: landmines visible on minimap
* fix: rally points on buildings did not work properly
* fix: oos due to autoupgrade last
* fix: oos/crash due to menu switching in multiplayer
* fix: oos due to delayed commands
+ science lab now fully functional
+ 33 researchable techs in tech tree
+ a few gui improvements (e.g. button shadows)
+ added science labs to a few maps
# better readability of beginner mode text
# science lab consumes brains for research
# robobrain auto upgrade cmd optimization for mp

The last update (from 04/09/2015) to V0.9.54

! Warning: Can’t load savegames from older versions
* fix: serious OOS bug due to RNG discrepancy
* fix: OOS on HQ destruction
* fix: sometimes OOS on crate pickup
* fix: destroyed hq exploded again on load game
* fix: mp server connection sequence fix
* fix: lan server discovery fix (requires new permissions)
* fix: load savegame with landmines crashed
* fix: some savegame loads crashed due to hq turrets
* fix: crash when loading achievements cache
+ movement interpolation for uav in mp matches
+ show command queue in mp matches (performance info)
+ require CHANGE_WIFI_MULTICAST_STATE permission for server discovery
+ require ACCESS_WIFI_STATE permission for server discovery
+ facebook and twitter link buttons
+ option to toogle weapon range display
# shield changed owner behaviour
# change production queue instantly if no brain inside building
# increased mp server connect timeout (was too tight)

The last update (from 03/31/2015) to V0.9.53

* fix: clan function in rev 52 had some issues
* fix: some issues with multiplayer server
* fix: teams did not work on map rough ruins

The last update (from 03/25/2015) to V0.9.52

! Warning: Can’t load savegames from older versions
* urgent fix: update 51 had active debug display
* fix: teams did only work for ai, not for human player
* fix: bug in dialmenu lead to crash
* fix: show only single marker when issuing a command
* fix: 3d sound listener position bug
* fix: brain level and proper icons for specop events
* fix: attacking units moved towards enemy
* fix: brain health bar and rank more fluid in multiplayer
* fix: crash on or shortly after server connection
* fix: bullet/pulse laser could not damage neutral mines
* fix: savegame did not store proper message text state
* fix: load screen text size now adjusted
* fix: turret and hq visibility in fow
+ situation dependent dynamic background music (not final yet)
+ weapon damage type shown in info screen
+ more player colors
+ info display if new game version is available (checked online)
+ add your clan tag in profile menu
# waiting room and public chat with better text size
# hold position button now toogles hold position mode
# better ai repair unit handling
# changed strategic view style, more like minimap now
# internal changes for opengl (not es) on windows
# many internal changes for linux support
# replaced crate with difficulty slider in splitscreen
# neutral units get out of the way more slowly
# new website is online! register on the forum!
# action bar visibility and touch on top of minimap
# RakNet update to most recent version
# background sounds now stored as Ogg to save space (costs cpu)