This is the current ToDo-List. It shows things that will be available in future updates.

Stuff is fixed in order of the importance ranking, higher numbers go first. Usually bugs have the highest importance.

Bug9Reinit problemMP game stops after app switch waiting for command packets#62220%
Bug8Local server bugOther players can't connect to custom server#61750%
Bug7Dedicated "Connecting" issueSometimes the dedicated server have players on "Connecting..." forever#36380%
Bug6Sector display bugThere is a bug in map code of areas on the zoomed out view on certain maps where it says an area is accessible but its really not.#55150%
Bug6Laser FOWLaser beam not visible if unit is in FOW#482
Bug5Sector setupSometimes sectors are not balanced in "balanced" setting.#553
Bug5Pathfinding / potential local minimaCertain areas a troop can enter but not leave specifically only in a base with a wall and or factory of any type a troop can become stuck.#55260%
New4Review ScoreBalance the score calculation#625
New4Dynamic cmd delay / Max pingAuto adjust server command delay (e.g. between 500 ms and 1.5 seconds) or add a maximum ping (e.g. 500 ms)#621
New3Command text game pauseCheck that the game is paused if a dialog is shown (e.g. in C1E2 after taking the upper right flag)#633
New3Objective MenuMake a button to show the last dialog with the objective during the campaign#597
New2Multiplayer MapsAdd some of the campaign maps (e.g. 3.4) as multiplayer maps#60020%
New2Weekly Top10 The weekly Top3 players receive a achievements. The weekly Top3 players receive a special flag symbol ingame.#59960%
New26-8 player mapsAdd maps or map configurations for up to 8 players#585
New2Air unitsAdd an aerial layer to the game engine where air units can move.#575
New2Record/playbackAllow server to record / playback multiplayer games. #556 80%
New2Map setupsAdd different player setups (e.g. 2, 3 or 4 players) for the existing maps#502
New2Vision towerRadar style long range vision tower with x marks the spot#501
New2BunkerBuilding to protect brains stationed inside. Gives a lot of armor to brain and allows firing.#492
New2PatrolOrder unit to patrol between two waypoints#478
New2ArtilleryStationary long range artillery unit that consumes robo brains to shoot#349
New2Specop: MedevacSpecop that transports own units at target area to closest repair or specop facility#342
New2Disconnect AI replacementWhen one player is disconnected replace him with ai player#313
New2Flag behaviourChange flag behaviour so they show a ratio for each player, not only one color. Good for more than 2 players#280
New2AI brain commandingBrains should jump out of units and enter better units#192
Idea1No FOW for loosersDisable FOW for players that have lost the game (so they can watch) - make it an option in the server setup#632
Idea1Acid TankTank that fires a rocket which does not do immediate damage. Instead it releases acid which sticks to nearby units and hurts them over some time#598
Idea1Air defense tower anti airImprove air defense tower with anti player aircraft capabilites (req. #575)#595
Idea1Air defense unitUnit to attack enemy fighters/bombers/carriers (req. #575)#594
Idea1Mech unitMech style robot unit, relatively fast, rocket launchers and laser on rotating turret, medium armor and health. Balancing against heavy tank and rocket tank important. Maybe longer production time.#592
Idea1EMP spec opEMP airstrike that is stronger than EMP tanks or EMP satellite strike.#588
Idea1Alliances Let players form/break alliances during the game. #586
Idea1Aircraft: BomberAerial unit that can attack ground units (doing splash projectile damage). Can be harboured by airfield or carrier.(req. #575)#582
Idea1Aircraft: FighterAerial unit that can attack other aerial units and ground units (doing laser damage). Can be harboured by airfield or carrier.(req. #575)#581
Idea1AirfieldProduce aerial units, e.g. aircraft carrier or small fighters/bombers. Does not have to look like an airfield, might be a tower or something like that as well. (req. #575)#580
Idea1Aircraft carrierLarge aerial unit that can harbour small fighters and bombers to attack enemy units from the air. (req. #575)#579
Idea1Sector protectionOnly sectors with adjacent enemy sectors can be captured by the enemy#578
Idea1Stronger HQ flagMake the HQ flag stronger to prevent easy rushing#577
Idea1DifficultyAdd special difficulty settings and show bonus values next to difficulty selector#374
Idea1Specop: Turret dropDrop a small destructible turret#348
Idea1Visibility check for rocketsRockets should not fly through mountains#338
Idea1Multiple brains per vehicleAllow multiple brains per vehicle (e.g. for extra functions)#323
Idea0Spec op: Nuke airstrikeTake a lot longer but have more damage and radius and also leave behind a nuclear residue to do more damage to units. This residue penetrates shields, but not the rocket itself.#591
Idea0Tank destroyerA tank destroyer for eliminating heavy tanks a little easier. Needs balancing.. maybe very weak against projectiles.#590
Idea0Rocket launcher suitsKind of like the tank except a lot less durable, more movement and no setup for launching rockets. Maybe less range as well.#589
Idea0Sniper towerSniper tower where you can put a sniper suit in it and it gets better range, damage and fire rate. Or sniper tower as weapon replacement for towers.#587
Idea0GunnerA small brain similar to the soldier but it fires bullets for projectile damage. For the sake of diversity it should be slower than the soldier unit with more health and armor and a higher DPS.#584
Idea0MedicLike the healing tank but a brain unit and can only shoot a healing beam at one target. It should be agile and fast getting it quickly to places where it’s needed, but fragile and weak making it require protection 24/7#583
Idea0Sea unitsAdd a water layer to the game engine where water units can move.#576
Idea0Squad leader gamemodePlayer can play squad in AI vs AI games#477
Idea0Spotter alarmSpotter deployable + Enemy unit alarm#414
Idea0Air defense towerTower weapon to prevent airdrops / airstrikes / reinforcements #376
Idea0Team sharingLet teamplayers use buildings and vehicles with multi brains (req #323)#372
Idea0Min level reqRobo Brains need a certain level (e.g. 3) to enter large units/factories (e.g. heavy tank)#325
Idea0King of the Hill mapKing of the hill type map where players have to hold a base for a certain time#300
Idea0Build buildingsLet player construct (and destroy) buildings. On hold for now, would change the game fundamentaly.#239
Idea0Boomer unitBoomer: shoots out a bunch of small bombs that start to follow units close to it and they are not like mines bu5 they are they have a time limit to blow up the boomer unit moves normal but dies easy.#650