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Ranked Stats

Last Game played: Thu Apr 21 11:46:09 2016
Total Score: 22
Victories: 1
Defeats: 0
Units destroyed: 50
Units built: 116
Total time played: 24m47s

Personal Stats

Last Game played: Mon Jan 16 18:25:56 2017
Total Score: 753
Victories: 13
Defeats: 0
Units destroyed: 3146
Units built: 2403
Total time played: 863m41s


Private First Class
Master Sergeant
Sergeant Major
Home Sweet Home
Double Kill
Triple Kill
Mega Kill
Ultra Kill
No Brain no Gain
Itsy bitsy Spider
The heavier the better
Power Ranger
Help is on its way
Merciful Samaritian
The early Bird catches the Fish
You're growing old
Winning streak
Tough guy
Nice Game
I like it
Over and Out
Rebellion Buster
Kill the Uberbrain

Units built

RoboBrain: 4954
Spider: 2387
Scorpion: 64
Rocket Tank: 165
BombBrain: 8
Repair: 57
SoldierBrain: 452
Heavy Tank: 557
Spotter: 54
EMPTank: 16
MineDropper: 1
ShieldTank: 9
Commander: 1
SniperSuit: 9
CloakSuit: 48

Ranked matches

Thu Apr 21 11:46:09 201622Victory24m47s
Sm0k3 [Latin] (Team 1) the1puppet [D3AD] (Team 2)