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Last Game played: Sun May 10 12:52:04 2015
Total Score: 295
Victories: 4
Defeats: 4
Units destroyed: 658
Units built: 1015
Total time played: 171m37s


Private First Class
Double Kill
Triple Kill
Mega Kill
Ultra Kill
Eagle Eye
No Brain no Gain
Itsy bitsy Spider
Scorpion King
The heavier the better
Power Ranger
Merciful Samaritian
Tough guy
Nice Game

Units built

RoboBrain: 1322
Spider: 442
Scorpion: 182
Rocket Tank: 76
BombBrain: 21
Repair: 4
SoldierBrain: 167
Heavy Tank: 75
Spotter: 27
EMPTank: 13
ShieldTank: 20
Commander: 3
SniperSuit: 74
CloakSuit: 1

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