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    Luminence Labs
    Luminence Labs

    ! Warning: Can’t load savegames from older versions
    * fix: crash on oos report upload
    * fix: crash on ranked stats submission
    * fix: oos on servers with ai when player joins
    * fix: wrong map icon for unit drop
    * fix: drop ship and bomber not visible on minimap
    * fix: minor campaign text changes
    * fix: graphic glitches in campaign mission 4
    * fix: drop disconnected player fails on local server
    * fix: player 2 replaced by ai on leaving public server
    * fix: serverlist not visible on low res devices
    * fix: campaign c2e2: disable capture for ai ally
    * fix: minimap did not work after app switching
    + clan list with players and stats on website
    + player info in profile ranked games on website
    + add attachments to forum posts
    + drop players not responding after 30 seconds
    + record game on official servers (no playback yet..)
    # faster ranked stats update interval on website

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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