The Website

Welcome to the ProjectY Website. On mobile devices the sidebars might be collapsed to save space. You can open the sidebars with a touch on >> and << on the left and right of the screen.

The Game Guide helps you with infos about how to play the game. The Database shows stats about all Units, Buildings and Maps in ProjectY. You should register for the Forum to be able to post there. Update infos and new stuff will be posted in the News & Announcements section in the Forum. The current Top10 players and Top10 clans are shown in the Live Ranking. Download links for ProjectY can be found on the Download page. Screenshots and videos are posted on the Media page. You can check the Credits to read about the resources used for making ProjectY. There is also a sneak peek at the next update available in the Update Preview.

There is an excellent tutorial video on YouTube for beginners made by Janno: Tutorial Video

There is also an inoffical fan group on Facebook.

The Game

ProjectY is a realtime strategy game with focus on unit tactics and not base building. Goal of the game is to capture the sector with the enemy headquarter. By capturing sectors the player gets influence over factories producing larger vehicles, special operations or have different features.

One key element of the game are the RoboBrains, small units that are required as “drivers” for the bigger vehicles. RoboBrains gain experience and level up and they can change vehicles at any time.

All maps can be played as single player against AI or split screen multiplayer (very nice on tablets) or network multiplayer (LAN or Internet).

Game Features

  • Real time strategy on Android (iOS and Windows Phone versions in preparation)
  • Everything in beautiful 3D with OpenGL ES 2.0
  • Variety of detailed units and buildings
  • Detailed and realistic 3D landscapes
  • Singleplayer (against AI), splitscreen multiplayer and network (LAN or Internet) multiplayer modes
  • Focus on unit tactics
  • 3D explosions with vehicle parts flying around
  • Intelligent computer players
  • Made with passion 🙂

Required Permissions on Android

  • “full network access” and “view network connections”: Required by network multiplayer, map downloads
  • “modify or delete the contents of your USB storage” and “test access to protected storage”: Required for savegames, options, downloadable content
  • “read accounts”: Required to read your account name which is used as your unique id (encrypted) to store your profile (score, games played, achievements, …)
  • “vibrate”: Required for the vibration notification when a player joins a server while the app is in background (so you don’t have to wait in game for other players)
  • “access wifi state” and “change wifi multicast state” for multiplayer LAN server discovery

Android Device Requirements

  • Storage Memory: 50 Mb storage for the base game and about 10 Mb per downloaded map (can be moved to external sd memory) and about 100 Mb for the campaign
  • OpenGL ES 2.0 (game is GPU demanding, fillrate is the most important factor)
  • Architectures supported: armeabi-v7a
  • Game makes use of multiple cores

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